Senior citizens club Ivory Park

Mandela Day celebrations!

Yvonne Phogolo and Rosemary Mvulane, both board member of Kindness Corporation have shared so many interesting stories about this group of elderly people who have refused to become victims of both their economic circumstances and their old age!  True to the name of their club Miyibuye name which means “bring back what was lost”… they are energetic, thankful and happy to have one another as support system.

It wasn’t always like this … a few years back Rosemary and Yvonne, both social workers, found this group of seniors who really needed uplifting.  Depression, chronic illnesses and no hope for the future set this group of senior citizens back, they were merely existing and an outing to the clinic once a month, if that, was an occasion.

Rosemary took it upon herself to change things for them.  First things first, she taught them personal hygiene, don’t show up if you are not washed and dressed for engagement with others.  Secondly, that tea tray that you used to prepare for your employers, how about doing one for youself?  They had to come to the meetings with a tray set for lunch, their best crockery and cutlery to match their best outfits….  That was the start of Mayibuye.

Today, they do bead craft to sell, they knit and sew, and they even have a soccer side!

My expectations of this group of seniors was high and when I eventually got around to meeting them, these expectations were met!  We didn’t go empty handed, 30 blankets were handed out that were donated by a corporate sponsor in association with the welfare co-ordinator from the New Apostolic Church Edenvale congregation.  Thank you to all those who made this possible, we got there just in time before the extremely cold weather in July!  Mandela Day was celebrated with these special people and a big cake in honour of Madiba was blatantly obvious!  This goes to show the spirit of Nelson Mandela lives on in all our lives…

To our board members Rosemary and Yvonne and yes, not forgetting the minister’s wife who acts as facilitator for the meetings, your kindness to this group of seniors does not go unnoticed.  From the conversations and big hugs you received, their love and appreciation for you is evident.

Just goes to show, kindness does begin with us ……

Our plan is to support Miyibuye in the future.  Every month, we would like to send them basic toiletry packs with soaps, cloths, body lotions etc as it is important for them to maintain their personal hygiene and perhaps a tea tray or two!

Closer to the end of the year we will have a Christmas lunch with them and anyone wanting to join in the festivities will be welcome, just bring your own tray ….

This is a sponsorship opportunity that will not cost the earth, the basic packs cost around R1 000,00 per month so if you want to help us make a difference, pledge on our website, every little act of kindness goes a long, long way …..

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