Vision / Mission / Guiding Principles

Uncomplicated and easy to execute, our vision is to provide aid and assistance to communities who need it most.

Working in communities often situations evolve and we would like the scope of our assistance to evolve as well.


How would be achieve our vision?

Each case/project/intervention would be presented to the board and assessed.

Then we measure the request against our experience and that of our committed volunteers.

The final measure is against our value set, and based on the result, we offer help/aid/assistance the appropriate form.

We tend to keep it simple!

When we decided on a value set, it was an easy process.

All on the same page from the get go!


We value fairness, sincerity and transparency.

Fairness in that we are not biased in the communities we serve.

Sincerity in that we do most of the work ourselves so it really does matter.

Transparency in that we spend donor money as it was intended and keep our books in order and comply with good governance regulations.