Women and children

The humaneness of any society is measured on how they treat the most vulnerable … this is often said, but the evidence is that it’s not felt.

Gender based violence is rife and impoverished women and children are often the statistics that we read about.

Because healthy women and children are the linchpin for healthy and thriving societies, investing in the health of women and children is vital.

We at Kindness Corporation have taken on the challenge in our unique way, no grand gestures, no big campaigns, just day to day when cases arise, and we’ve been called on to help, we do.

The passion for this area of our work is evident, when a case is reported by the social workers, everyone rises to the challenge and we make a difference.

We host an annual women’s day event and it’s celebrated by sharing experiences, learning something new and celebrating the strength we find in one another.

This is not classed a fundraising opportunity at all, it’s a “let’s share our experiences” day. 

Our seniors are offered an opportunity to sell their wares, our youth programme young ladies attend free of charge and our art facilitator showcases his talent. 

It’s our investment into the communities we serve.  

Taking care of infants and young children touches the hearts of many and Kindness Corporation supports the social workers with their challenges here as well.

When Moms have multiples and battle to make their child grants stretch that far, we offer assistance with formula, cereals, clothing and sometimes Moms need help too.

Negotiating special prices and putting together nappy drives and used baby clothes collections, we try our best.

Our standard quote is … “we don’t dump, we donate”.

Everything we do, is done in Kindness.