Meet the Board

Tiisetso Mphenyeke

Our Chairperson, Tiisetso Mphenyeke, she keeps us all in line! Area of specialty, planning, profiling and data management.  Stickler for compliance. She’s the creative one, loves music! Tiisetso is our representative at all major functions.

We are proud to have her serve alongside us.

Rosemary Mvulane

Rosemary Mvulane, our Vice Chairperson and Counsellor, when Tiisetso’s not around, she looks after us.  Retired Social worker, activist, glamorous Granny and has a heart as big as a taxi! 

Very experienced around the actual needs of communities she works on the ground with social workers in various areas.  Her counselling abilities are awesome and when you meet her, you will understand why.

Disemelo Lishivha

Who keeps their eye on the finance?  It’s Disimelo Lishivha our treasurer.  She’s a finance guru.  Disimelo is passionate about our projects and loves to roll up her sleeves and get busy!

Although she has a “big” corporate job, she’s found the time to help us out and we are fortunate to have her keep an eye on the rands!

Cynthia Wentzel

Cynthia Wentzel, founder, fundraiser and logistics person.  Activist, creator of disruption and often called to order at meetings. No sooner is a case is reported, a solution is found. 

There is no process, there is no commissions of enquiry, no 5 steps to sucess.  There’s a need/problem and there’s a solution, let’s do it!  Area of expertise, advertising and event management.

Yvonne Phogole

Yvonne Phogole is our Secretary. Keeps things tidy and in order. Minutes, Agendas, Project files and the most important, our Constitution is kept safe under her watchful eyes. Having a social development background and currently holding a key position in the field, adds huge value to the team.

Sinnah Ramakhula

Sinnah our well respected Institution Liaison officer.  Vast experience in social development and she knows the ins and outs of the institutions and organisations we partner with.  Sinnah brings a wealth of experience in teaching, business, networking and social development.  If you want to see her achievements, which are many, just google her name!  She’s famous!

Karen Solomon

Karen Solomon heads up projects and programmes.  Vital to the success of Kindness Corporation we consider her a huge asset!  Youth programmes, school presentations, women’s day facilitator/speaker, she’s busy!  Karen holds a degree in psychology and is a lifelong learner.  Constantly upskilling herself so that she’s on the cutting edge of Leadership development and training.  She has a powerful secret weapon, she speaks teenager ….

Kolosa Qali

Our newly appointed Marketing board member Kolosa Qali, vibrant, energetic and full of new ideas.  She brings a different angle to our rather “of an age” board.  Breath of fresh air and feet on the ground.  Kolosa is going to educate this board about social media platforms big time!

We’re a kind bunch!