Message from our Chairperson

Tiisetso Mphenyeke

Gratitude and empathy made my heart too big for my chest, as a result I was attracted to likeminded people whose hearts pop out of their chests as well. Together as a unified force, found avenues to express random acts of kindness by forming ‘Kindness Corporation Executive Board’ in July 2014.

Over the past six years I have had the pleasure of experiencing many rewarding moments and seeing Kindness Corporation constantly growing and learning through our involvement in bringing aid and relief to those who need it most. The past six years also saw an evolution of various outreach and developmental programs related to food and clothing drives, youth development, empowerment of women, senior citizens and leadership development.

Our humble beginnings for the financial year 2020/2021 is to work effectively towards giving hope for a better future for every individual, families and communities that would eventually make a difference to the world. We believe that our success is the community’s success and with all the ongoing support from likeminded people, we are ready for the challenges and achievements ahead in the new financial year.

COVID19 has placed many demands on our resources, time and effort. We do this gladly as we see the benefit and relief it has brought to many people. As demands/challenges arose in the communities we serve, we tried to find sustainable and meaningful solutions. Supporting soup kitchens of various other NPO’s NGO’s, producing fabric facemasks, distributing disposable masks to clinics and schools, food parcels, meal packs, clothing, infant formula, supporting pregnant moms, the list goes on. Fortunately our board has a wealth of experience in their respective portfolios and everyone pitched in and did the best they could. One project at a time is the ideal, but didn’t happen that way, everything happened at once!

Resilience, creative and committed to the cause, the donors, volunteers and board members formed a formidable team. Not front page press but heartfelt efforts done with kindness.

I am honoured to be the Chairperson for the financial year 2020/2021. As a team, we will continue our efforts to show acts of kindness, uphold human rights and ensure human dignity for the poor and vulnerable communities.

With Love and Kindness,

Tiisetso Mphenyeke